Monday, July 5, 2010



Last week went pretty well. One of our investigators started our quit smoking program and he is so far doing awesome! It is really hard for him though because he smokes a ton.

Today we received our transfer calls. Both Elder Taylor and I are staying together and that’s pretty cool. We really want to see the work in Érd progress. It’s a difficult area, but where isn’t?

The weather was ridiculously hot last week. We live in a ten story building and it gets unbearably hot and humid in our apartment. And there are a ton of mosquitoes! One night I was so sick of the mosquitoes that I emptied my laundry basket and stuck it on my head! It is made of mesh so no bugs could get through it, but it also trapped all the heat. I couldn’t bear it for more than five minutes at a time. Haha. Eventually we just bought a small fan and that has saved our lives!

Unfortunately I have to go now. Sorry that this blog entry is so short!

~Elder Anderson