Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Final Note from Hungary


This past week was a blur, a really sad blur. Saying goodbye to so many amazing people has been incredibly difficult! I can’t begin to describe my feelings about leaving Hungary. I seem almost bi-polar! One moment I’m really excited to go home and get back to school, and then the next moment I’m so sad to leave Hungary and the wonderful people here whom I love so much! I wish I could just rip Hungary out of Europe and stick it in Montana or Wyoming – that would be the best solution I think. It’s really depressing that I might never see these people again. I would love to come back but, sadly, there is no guarantee.

It is really humbling to have people express over and over their heartfelt gratitude for me and for what I’ve done, especially since I feel like I haven’t done much to be worthy of such thanks. I’ve worked hard, and have tried to improve whenever I slowed down, to teach this wonderful gospel and share my happiness with the people of Hungary – that’s all. Serving here has been really difficult and stressful, but when I think about the friendships I’ve made and the good experiences I’ve had, the difficult times seem small and insignificant in comparison. I can easily say that my experience here in Hungary has been the absolute best experience of my life! I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to serve a mission! I thank everyone for all of the support, love, letters, and emails you have sent to me over the past two years!

~Anderson elder