Monday, June 28, 2010

Great Experiences


Last week was really good! On Wednesday we had a really interesting program. We had set up a program with a couple that we had met on the street. We went to the address and it turned out to be some sort of home for people just over eighteen years old who don’t have a place to live. Running the house was an older lady who is their “mom”. The couple we had talked to on the street couldn’t find a place to live together so they moved into this house. I forgot the older lady’s name, she was really kind and wanted us to share our message with all of the kids—there were like six or seven of them. Unfortunately, the girl that we had talked to on the street came late in the program, but the older lady really seemed interested. The kids were just kind of curious. Haha.

And then we had an interesting English class. After the first hour, a bunch of members come to the branch house where we teach. We had refreshments and our students just chatted with the members and then went a little tour of our branch house. It was really neat!

On Saturday we had a really cool program with one of our newer investigators. She called us in the morning and said that she had some time to see us right then. We got ready really quickly and went to the branch house where we met her. She told us that she was really, really busy but that she didn’t want to miss meeting with us because she had promised and her conscience would have bothered her if she hadn’t met with us. So that was way awesome to see a newer investigator follow the promptings of the Spirit even when it was hard for her! We are way excited for her to continue to learn about the gospel!

I love being a missionary! It’s awesome! Have a great week!

~Anderson elder