Monday, June 21, 2010

A Miracle Day


Last week was pretty cool! On Wednesday we had a Zone Conference in Budapest and President Gérald Caussé, who is in our Area Presidency, came and trained us. He is an awesome man! He taught us a lot and the Spirit was really strong. It was a really good experience.

The day after Zone Conference was a miracle day! My companion and I started streeting in the morning and by the end of the first hour we had found three or four people who were interested in meeting with us! Sometimes that doesn’t even happen after five hours! It was really exciting. So we had a really quick lunch and went back out on the streets. (Well, Érd is pretty small so when I say streets I mean the two or three roads on which we can talk to people on. Haha) After lunch we experienced even more miracles! By the end of the day we had talked to ten people or families who were interested in meeting with us! By comparison, during the previous three weeks we found only twelve people! Crazy. And this time we didn’t really do anything different. It just goes to show that the Lord is in charge of this work and only He can make it work.

Those were the main highlights of last week. A bunch of people called about English class so it seems like our advertising worked. We hope that lots of people come! Well I have to go now. I love serving the Hungarian people! See ya next week!

~Anderson elder