Wednesday, March 17, 2010



First of all, Monday was a national holiday and everything was closed. So now Elder Gardenhire and I have to squeeze emailing and shopping into our normal week—and that is no fun! Haha. I forgot what the holiday is called, but it is in commemoration of a nonviolent revolution that happened in the late 1800s. The Hungarians don’t really do anything to celebrate the day; it’s kind of like President’s Day in the US.

So on Monday we went with a few of the ward members to another member’s house way out in the boonies to help them out on their little farm. It was a cool experience because we live in kind of a big city, but thirty minutes away there is nothing but farmland. We planted some trees and raked up dead leaves, but the hardest part was digging. We dug up tons of dirt to prepare the soil for planting. It’s kind of like we were doing the work of a plow—we just dug up the dirt so that it wasn’t all hard and compacted. It was really hard work! Haha. But it was a lot of fun.

There is a member here in Kecskemét whose husband is from Syria. She and her daughter both speak Arabic really well and they taught us how to say a few things. So that was kind of cool! They are a great family, but unfortunately the dad doesn’t like us for some reason. But I’m sure he’s a great guy.

One of our investigators is doing especially great! He’s having a little bit of a hard time with tithing, because he is in a really difficult economic situation. But he has faith that everything will work out. He is getting married on April 12th and plans to be baptizes sometime after that! So we are now working on turning him from an investigator to a member.

Being senior companion is pretty interesting. For some reason I understand and speak the language so much better than I did last transfer. Maybe it’s because I have to understand it now. I don’t have anyone to rely on to help me; instead, people are now relying on me to understand! Weird.

Well I have to go now. We are going to teach a really cool guy named Béla (bay-law)! Being a missionary is awesome! Time just goes by way too fast! I love this gospel and I love my Savior Jesus Christ!

~Anderson elder