Monday, March 29, 2010

Canned Food Is Heavy!


Last week was a lot of fun. We got to spend a lot of time doing service for a member. His mother passed away a few months ago and so we helped him move her things out of her old apartment and to his home. The not so fun part was that her apartment was on the fourth floor of an apartment building! In Hungary the ground floor doesn’t count as the first floor so there were four flights of stairs. And we had to carry a bunch of cabinets and stuff and it was hard! Haha. But it was a lot of fun too. We made two trips and the other Elders came so that was really good. It was just fun to do service and help someone out. The moving reminded me of when Davie and I worked at the furniture shop together moving furniture all over Stanwood and the Island.

On Wednesday it was our investigator’s (Sándor) birthday and Elder Musters’ birthday too and so we had a little party at a members house and it was really cool. My companion, Elder Gardenhire, made Elder Musters’ “cake” and it was hilarious! He cut a roll in half, covered it in chocolate frosting and put 21 matches in the middle and so it was really cool to light!

Friday was really intense physically. We helped out the same member again and moved a bunch of canned food out of the pantry. Canned food is really heavy! Haha. And then we had to run to the bus so that we wouldn’t miss it. And then later that day we had soccer and we were running late and we didn’t have time to wait for a bus so we just ran to the soccer field which was a 10 minute run! And then we played soccer for an hour and a half! But then we had a program after that and they fed us, but we weren’t expecting that so our program ran kind of long and we had to run to the bus stop! It is almost impossible to be on-time to anything as a missionary! A member in Sopron called it the “missionary sickness.” Haha.

Sándor is doing really well! If everything goes according to plan then he’ll get married on April 12th and his baptism will be on the 17th! So we are all really excited for that! He is a great guy.

Sunday was really good too. The meetings were great and then after church we went with a part-member family back to their home, which is about an hour and a half drive by car! We taught the husband, who is a really awesome guy, but religious things are pretty strange to him. We are hoping that he will continue to progress.

Well I’m going to head out now. I love you all thanks a ton!

~Anderson elder