Monday, March 22, 2010

Friends in High Places


Last week was really neat. On Thursday we helped a member move furniture from his mother’s old apartment which was on the 4th floor of her building. We had to carry some big cabinets all the way down the stairs and that was no fun at all! Haha. Well, it was kind of fun, but it was painful too! It is always good to do service. This week on Thursday and Friday we will get to finish helping him!

Last Thursday night we went to the member’s house whose husband is Syrian. We had a really good lesson with her and her daughter. And the way cool part was that their dad was outside cooking dinner and so we finally got to meet him! He is a really cool guy. He made a joke about how he was Osama Bin Laden’s brother and then took it back and spit on the ground, basically saying that Osama is dirt. Haha. He doesn’t speak the best Hungarian, so it was kind of funny listening to him. He was super nice and wouldn’t let us leave until we had eaten a ton of the food he had cooked. And it was really good! So that was a really fun experience. The only bad part was that since he wouldn’t let us go till we had stuffed ourselves with food, we were really late to a meeting with our ward mission leader. That was OK though, because he recently returned from his mission totally understood.

Friday was Zone Conference and it was a blast as usual! The coolest part of the day was when we were leaving and we had to hurry to catch our train. By the time we got to the train station we had only five minutes left until the train departed, and when we got to the ticket counters and there were giant lines of people already waiting! We almost gave up, but one of us in the district saw that some other elders were already in line. So we had them buy our tickets and then we ran as fast as we could to the train. We jumped on the last car and not even 30 seconds later the train started to leave! It was perfect timing! Then we had to walk through the entire train looking for six open seats, but it was full of people and we didn’t find any room until we got the the bicycle car. It was completely empty—since there were no seats—so we just decided to stay in there. It was a blast!

On Saturday one of the other elder’s investigators, Kriszti (Kree-stee), got baptized. It was a really good service. She is awesome and was definitely prepared by the Lord.

I would talk more about our investigators, but it’s probably not a good idea to talk about other people’s lives since this is a blog, open for everyone to read. Haha. But basically they are doing awesome! Our main investigator Sándor is especially awesome.

Thanks for everything! I love you all!

~Anderson elder