Monday, March 1, 2010



Last week was pretty cool. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my journal and old planner with me today so I can’t remember a lot of the most cool stuff! The main thing is that this week is transfers and I’m leaving Békéscsaba and going to Kecskemét! I’ll be the senior companion for the first time with a really cool elder who is in his sixth transfer so language won’t be a problem for us. I got off pretty easy. Elder Larson, who is in my MTC group, is becoming the Branch President in Eger, where I started my mission, and going senior at the same time! That’ll be crazy for him! I’m way excited to go to Kecskemét! It’s a ward too! With about 60 active members! It’ll be a lot different from Békéscsaba! So basically, I am super excited.

We had a really cool program with an especially cool family last week. We knew that they had kids so we brought a bunch of plastic cups to build a gospel pyramid. On the bottom layer we put twelve cups representing the twelve apostles; our next layer represented basic gospel doctrines; the third layer had cups for the First Presidency; the next layer stood for revelation and authority; and the single cup at the very top represented Christ. Using this cup pyramid, we taught this family about when Christ was on the earth and about the apostasy and the restoration. We had focused the lesson on teaching the kids, but the coolest part was that even though we were trying to teach using simple concepts so that they would understand, their mom, Emese, explained it even better! We would say something we thought was pretty simple and then she would restate what we had just said in even more simple, perfect, mommy-to-child language! So she helped us teach her kids about the restoration—and it was awesome! I hope that she will progress.

Our family in Doboz is struggling to get to church and that is pretty disappointing because they are so cool. But they’ll get stronger I’m sure.

Our other family is doing great and now that both the mom and dad are investigating they are getting more serious. They come to church now and it is great! They’re awesome.

My companion and I found a playground near our apartment while running last week and it is so cool! Haha. Our favorite part is this small pole with a platform to stand on while it spins really fast. You run up to the pole and jump on the platform in a kind of sitting down position, then you try to stand up while the spinning poles tries to throw you off! It is a really good way to wake up in the morning!

Well I’m going to go now. Everybody read your scriptures and pray to know what your Heavenly Father wants you to do to be happy! Have a great week! I know that I will!

~Anderson elder