Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Settled In


Hogy vagytok? Jól vagyok. Szeretek missziónáriusi munkát! Ok that's enough Hungarian for now. I said, "How are you all? I'm well. I love missionary work!" This week has been pretty good and has gone by really fast of course. "Every day is a week and every week is a day". The "newness" of Hungary has worn off and I'm used to just about everything. I noticed yesterday that I can't remember what it's like to understand other people's conversations as they walk by. Sometimes it is hard to pay attention when we are teaching people. Haha. That sounds really bad, but it really is hard when it is mostly gibberish to me! Apparently it takes most missionaries here at least 6 months before they can understand most of what people say. My trainer is fluent in Hungarian. Some Hungarians say that he sounds like a Hungarian—so I have a good example to learn from. 

One of the people we are teaching, Mózes (Moses in English), is so awesome. (Trevor you should pay attention to this!) He's 19 years old and last year he placed 14th in the world for Roman Greco wrestling! And last week we taught him about the Word of Wisdom and he said, "Of course!" He is great. I can't wait to teach him more.

This coming Sunday (April 19th) we are playing General Conference in the Branch House and then on May 1st we get to watch it in English. So I've got a while before I get to enjoy it.

Unfortunately I haven't had any crazy or funny experiences. That is kind of disappointing, but I did have a cool experience on Friday. I was on companion exchanges with Erickson elder. We walked passed a house and I felt really strongly that we should talk to them. Then Erickson elder started to slow down so I asked him if he felt anything. He said that he also felt that we should go back and talk to them. I know that was the Spirit of God. So we stopped and, long story short, they are members of our church but haven't been active for about seven years. They we're kind of interested in attending again. I don't know what God has planned for them, but I do know that he wanted us to talk to them that day. It was crazy that we both felt so strongly that we should talk to them as we walked by. 

This is kind of short, but I need to go soon. Köszönöm szépen mindent! Thanks for everything! I love you all! Oh, so you all know, the mission home in Budapest doesn't forward letters to us in the other cities. We usually pick them up when we go into Budapest, which is about once or twice every 6 weeks. So email would be better since I check it every week. Sziasztok!

~Anderson elder