Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Általános Konferencia

Szervusztok mindenki!

Sorry that this blog entry is a few days late. On Monday we had greenie training in Budapest and yesterday we had interviews with President and Sister Gasser and some more training in Miskolc. 

We finally watched Általános Konferencia (General Conference) with the members. Unfortunately, not very many members showed up to the sessions, but a few did. And the Assistants just gave us DVDs that had the satellite broadcast recorded on them, so it was only in Magyarul (Hungarian). That was crazy. Even my trainer had a hard time understanding everything they said because they use really fancy language. I was lost for the entire time so I wrote letters and read Jesus the Christ. Those who did come really enjoyed it so I hope that it helped strengthen their testimonies of the Gospel.

The work is going kind of slow and it’s getting hard to meet with our investigators who are interested. People are always so busy! Haha. I had a funny experience on Péntek (Friday). We decided to order pizza and eat it as a district and no one wanted to order it so they gave me the phone to order it. That was kind of scary since I can’t understand what people say. Haha. So Lindsay elder wrote on a white board everything that I needed to say in Hungarian. I call the pizza place and this is what I say, „Jó napot, four pizzát szeretnék rendelni.” I said “four” in English and everyone busted out laughing. I didn’t even realize it so I was confused. Haha. Then the lady replied and said something, but I couldn’t understand it at all. After asking her to repeat what she said a few times I just gave the phone to Lindsay elder. It was pretty funny.

Then yesterday I called Mózes and tried to set up an appointment to meet again, but he wasn’t sure so we are just going to call him back later. But I understood what he was basically saying! It was pretty cool. He speaks really fast though so I just caught a few phrases and words.

After Angol Óra (English Class) the other district shared a message about General Conference and prophets and one man from my class finally came to the message! He was pretty interested, but couldn’t come to General Conference because he was going to Slovakia to work in the markets there. The economy is struggling here so people are having a really hard time finding jobs. Hopefully we can meet with him and he will be interested.

Oh about mailing me stuff; I’ll usually get it sooner than once every 6 weeks. Maybe twice or three times. But mailboxes in apartment complexes are pieces of junk so I’d rather have letters and packages just go to Budapest and play it safe.

Thanks for everything! I love you all and I’m going to be sending pictures home soon so everyone will be able to see the awesomeness of Hungary!

Sok szeretettel,
Anderson elder