Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Itt vagyok!


I made it here safely! It is amazing! The country is nagyon (very) beautiful! Here's a picture with me with President and Sister Gasser. I'll send some really cool pictures when my card fills up. I'm not sure where I'm going to be serving first in Magyarország (Hungary) yet. Yesterday I went out with one of the APs (Assistants to the President) and we got two phone numbers. And one family--a dad, mom, and baby in a stroller--went out of there way to get away from us when we made eye contact with them. They were so anxious to flee that they went off-roading with their stroller! It was really funny, but sad that people dislike us that much. Nem tudom miért. I don't know why. It was fun talking in Hungarian. But hard! Ok, see you all later! Love ya!

~Anderson Elder