Monday, April 27, 2009



This week was pretty good. I know that you all are waiting for pictures and I'm probably going to send them home today or sometime this week. So just wait a little longer! The pictures of Budapest at night are worth it! Haha.

Yesterday was a really good day for the language. I felt like I was understanding a lot more when people were speaking slowly and simply. It's really weird how understanding a language works. I can barely even notice it when I understand. I just do. Weird. Apparently, there are days when you feel on top of the world and you can understand and speak well and other days when you can't.

One weird thing was when we met with a girl named Monika on Wednesday and we were teaching her about the Restoration in the park and about halfway through our lesson some of her friends come and said that they have a class and so Monika said that she guessed that she had to go and just left. And we had scheduled that time with her. We didn't see that coming. Haha.

Angol Óra (English class) was really good this week, or at least just fun. We practiced reading and stuff as usual and then we took a break and I taught my students some English nyelvtörők (tongue twisters)! They loved them. I taught them "Sally sells seashells", "fuzzy wuzzy was a bear" and the woodchuck one. Some were actually pretty good at it. Then they taught me some Hungarian tongue twisters that were super hard for me. Haha. It was fun.

Szombaton (on Saturday) we went chalking! We went to the park and drew out the Plan of Salvation on one of the big walkways. When people walked by we would try to talk to them about our drawing and teach them about God's plan for us. It was really fun, except my vocabulary is really small and so it was hard to talk to people. The coolest thing was that I met a girl who spoke English! So I taught her about the Plan of Salvation. She was really interested so I taught her a little bit about the Restoration. It was an awesome experience. She was from Budapest and had missed her train home. It was her 26th birthday and so she said that it wasn't a coincidence that we met. I gave her a Book of Mormon and gave her some chapters to read. She said that she would on the train ride home. She was also excited to meet with missionaries in Budapest. She seemed really interested and sincere so it was great. I called a sister missionary in Budapest and told her about this girl, Éva, and gave her Éva's phone number. I hope that works out.

Sunday was pretty good. A lot of people came to church and that was awesome. I think that there were maybe a little more than 15 people there. All four of us missionaries spoke in Istentisztelet (Sacrament Meeting). I only spoke for about 7 minutes, but I think that it went pretty well.

I know that this gospel is true and that Jesus Christ has restored His church on the earth again. And I know that the Book of Mormon is scripture from God and will help us come closer to Christ and become better, happier people if we follow what God has revealed to us in it.

Thanks for everything! You all are awesome! Szervusztok!

~Anderson elder