Monday, September 21, 2009

A Successful Kirándulás


This week was pretty cool. We had transfers and I got a new companion, Elder Carlson. He is really cool and this is his last transfer, but he still wants to work hard, so that is great.

We had a kirándulás (literally: excursion or hike, but it’s just a party) with the branch this week and it was a big success. We had quite a few angolóra (English class) students come and one of the members brought one of her friends. It was pretty fun! We had shish kababs and cold sandwiches to eat. And we taught a few of our English class students how to throw an American football. There were a lot of other people at the park and a bunch of guys were playing soccer in a small field. They needed more players so they asked Elder Hintze (a new missionary) and I to play with them. It was a ton of fun and I scored the first goal for our team! It was especially fun playing soccer with a bunch of Hungarians. After that Elder Hintze, Ádám (a young member), and I went hiking up a big hill into the forest. It was very pretty. Eventually a bunch of people followed us and we just kind of explored around the forest and talked. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the party was a big success.

Also, we have started to meet with a lady named Barbara (that’s definitely not a Hungarian name, but it’s pronounced Hungarianly—is that even a word?) and she is progressing pretty fast. She has an interesting personality, but that’s OK. She reads the Book of Mormon a lot and really believes that it is also scripture with the Bible. So that is really cool. Hopefully, our efforts last transfer of spending ridiculous amounts of time finding people to teach will pay off.

Today we are going to go on a bobsled izé (thingy) in the city. Apparently, there are things in Utah called Alpine Slides that are the same. I’ve been on one in Whistler, British Columbia before.

Well anyway, being here on a mission is great and I love teaching the gospel! Thanks for everything!

~Anderson elder