Monday, September 14, 2009

Attack of the Giant Book of Momon


Well, a few changes are coming this week. My current companion, Elder Golze, is leaving for Győr so I am getting a new companion. That will be interesting.

Not much happened this week. The senior missionary couple here in Sopron made a giant Book of Mormon sign for us to use with street contacting and that made for some really interesting experiences! Basically we are just trying anything to get people to stop and talk to us on the street. Almost no one wants to because they think that they already know who we are and what we do, when in reality almost no one actually knows any truth about us. So one of us carries this ridiculously large Book of Mormon thing and we try to stop people and be a little humorous since we look so funny. We got a few interesting reactions from people, but for the most part just more people than usual stared at us. haha. But we’ll see how it works in the long run.

Also with the senior couple we started a “Gofri Est” (Waffle Night) where the couple makes a ton of waffles and the branch members just hang out and chat and play ping pong. Hopefully, it’ll help the members become closer and friendlier with each other.

Next week we have a branch party and should be a lot of fun. I’ll write about that later. Thanks for everything! I know that the fullness of the Gospel of Christ has been restored on the earth and that God still speaks to us in our day! Thanks again!

~Anderson elder