Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Missionary Experience

Szervusz! Hogy Vagytok? (Hello! How are you all?)

I'm doing great! Last week's blog entry was pretty lame. I hope that my brain will work this time. So last week I got a package from Chris Huff and that was super exciting! He sent my comp. and I a pair of chopsticks each and some really tasty Japanese candy! It was great. Since everything is the same and kind of boring here I decided to use those chopsticks a lot. It was really weird, but fun! I bet it looked even more weird. A Hungarian eating lasagna with Japanese chopsticks. Haha

I love the RC! The Referral Center is the place where we get to talk to people who call about ads for free Bibles, free copies of The Book of Mormon or free videos about Jesus Christ or have questions about anything. I called this one lady to make sure that she had recieved the Bible that she had ordered and we talked for about 30 min! It was great! I taught her all about prophets, the apostasy, the restoration of Jesus Christ's church, the Book of Mormon, the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ's atonement, and eternal families! And about how God and Jesus Christ love each and everyone of us and will help us if we ask in faith and follow their commandments. She said that she was feeling really depressed before I called, but that I really helped her out. The Spirit was so strong it was awesome! I shared Galations 8:22 or 5:22, I can't remember exactly which one, and told her that that was what the Spirit of God feels like and she said that she was feeling His love for her. I also shared with her James 1:5 and Moroni 10:4-5 and told her that she needed to pray to God to know for herself if what I was telling her was true and she said that she would! It was so great! I actually felt like a missionary then! Helping people come to know and follow Jesus Christ is the best thing ever.

I can't believe that I've been here for 28 days already! It feels like I've been here forever, but it's going really fast at the same time. The Hungarians ahead of us are leaving on MONDAY!! It's so not fair! I wanna go right now!haha And when they leave we'll get a brand new group. That'll be exciting.

So next week we have to start teaching our lessons COMPLETELY IN HUNGARIAN! It's going to be insane. The Lord will continue to help me though. I'm sure of that. Hungarian is so crazy. Imadkozhatunk? (there is an accent above the a and an umlaut above the u) means: May we pray? Literally, imadkoz - to pray, hat - may, unk - conjugation for we. They think backwards compared to english. But it's making more sense every day.

Well I better get going now. Thanks for everything! Szeretlek titeket! I love you all!

Anderson Elder