Wednesday, February 18, 2009

35 Days Down

Hey Everybody!

This might be a short blog today, we'll see. This week has been pretty crazy—well as crazy as one can get in the MTC. For the past week or so I have had a cough, but not much else and then Sunday morning it went crazy on me and I had this cold/flu thingy. I felt terrible. So Recksiek Elder, my companion, gave me a blessing and the next day I got some medication and I felt almost completely normal that day! It was fantastic! After we do all we can do the Lord will make up for what you can't and BAM—I'm not sick at all now! Medicine alone can't do that. I love the Lord, and I know that He loves me too. And if He loves me then He definitely loves you all too!

So on Monday morning the Hungarian group ahead of us left for Magyarország (Hungary)!! It's so not fair! Haha. The more that I hear awesome, crazy stories from missionaries and our teachers about Hungary the more I want to go. I might just stuff myself in a package and mail myself there. Totally worth it. For instance, one of our teachers showed us an email from a missionary who is in Hungary right now and one of his funny stories for that week was that an older lady shouted, in Hungarian, out of her window to this missionary and his comp, "I have NO idea what you are saying!" Then she threw an orange at them! HAHAHA! Apparently their Hungarian isn't that great yet! I can't wait for random stories like that to happen to me. And of course to actually teach people about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! I just need to be patient.

This whole week we are supposed to only speak Hungarian. We've done pretty well. I'm sure we would sound like two year olds to Hungarians, but we can get our basic thoughts out. Sometimes it just gets so frustrating that we have to speak in English. But it's crazy that we can speak so much after just a few weeks. The Lord will help anyone who asks in faith and if it is His will.

The scary part of this week is that tomorrow we have to teach for a little over an hour ONLY IN HUNGARIAN! NO ENGLISH! Crazy. I don't have enough vocab memorized yet, so that will be a HUGE challenge! It'll work out.

Going on a mission improves your character SO MUCH it's almost insane. I can already notice that I'm becoming a little more humble and loving. Being stuck with someone 24/7 who can easily frustrate you really brings out your weaknesses. I can't have that "I'm always right" attitude, even if I am right, I can't always press my opinion because my comp and I would tear each other apart! This is forcing me to change and become more humble and kind and able to see situations from other people's points of view. Going on a mission is the quickest and best way to improve your character and become a better person. I have a LOOOONG LONG way to go, but I can see already that I'm improving. It's pretty cool! Well I'm just about out of time. Thanks for everything! I love you all! Sziasztok!

Anderson Elder