Monday, February 8, 2010

Unpaid Clergy


Last week was really good. And we had another funny experience in sacrament meeting! Right before the water was blessed a person who’d never been to church before came into the chapel and sat down. Because the meeting had already started, none of us missionaries had a chance to talk to her and explain the sacrament ordinance. I was passing the water and when the tray got to her I heard a loud clunk-like sound. I thought that her ring had fallen into the tray. Sister Richards (one of the sister missionaries) was trying to fish it out. I looked more closely and saw that it wasn’t a ring but a 100 forint coin!!! She had heard the empty water cups being put back into the tray and had assumed that people were offering money! Hahaha! She and Sister Richards tried for a minute or so to get the coin out, but couldn’t do it. I took the tray back to the table and gave her the coin back after the meeting was over. It was a very funny way to introduce the concept of an unpaid clergy.

Other than that our sacrament meeting went really well. We have a new investigator and she is awesome. Her name is Judit (pronounced yoo-deet) and she came to church and really loved it! Hopefully next week we can help her whole family come too.

I have like no time to write today because earlier in the day we spent a lot of time exploring the ruins of an old mansion—it was way cool. We have a program tonight in about 35 minutes so I have to go now!

~Anderson elder