Monday, February 15, 2010

The Train to Kecskemét


Last week was good! The people at two homes let us in while we were tracting and that was great! At one home we found a cool middle-aged couple and then at another home in the same area we found a 29 year old guy. The programs were really good, so I am excited for them!

Church wasn’t that exciting last week. Haha! A few members were sick or something else happened and so we missionaries had to do everything. We gave all the talks and blessed the sacrament and taught the Sunday School and Primary too. It was intense, but it went well.

Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day! Hungarians celebrate Valentine’s Day too. But kids here don’t make card holders out of shoeboxes in school and pass out Valentine’s Day cards to each other. I don’t know why not, that’s the best part!

We had Zone Conference last week and that was really neat. I love being able to get together with a bunch of missionaries and learn from each other. The only bad thing was that the train ride is three hours long and since our train was late coming home I was exhausted. Going there was pretty funny. We woke up early in order to catch an early train to Szeged (seh-gehd) from where we had to get on another train to Kecskemét (kech-kehm-eight). So we get off of our train in Szeged and go into the train station to see when the train to Kecskemét leaves only to learn that it was leaving right then. We ran back outside just in time to see the train leave. The Szeged missionaries were on it and they were kind enough to wave goodbye to us! Haha! We had to wait almost an hour for the next one.

We are getting a few more good investigators which is fantastic! The family that lives in Box—I love that town’s name!—are doing great. So far only the mom is interested, but we can tell that she wants everyone else to be interested too. She’s definitely going to lead them along.

I love this country and the people here! I am super grateful to be here and be a missionary!

~Anderson elder