Monday, January 25, 2010

How Not to Prepare the Sacrament


I don’t remember last week very well; it went by really fast. I mostly remember that it was awfully cold. And that my bike broke again. And that later on my backup bike’s shifting cables froze and somehow popped off and I couldn’t get them back on! So now Elder Smith and I have to walk everywhere we go—and that’s really annoying because I’d just gotten used to having a bike. It really has been cold. This morning the temperature was like -10° C (that’s about 15° F) and my nose hairs were totally frozen! Haha. Fortunately it’s warmed up a little now.

A super funny thing happened on Sunday. Everything was going well during church until it came time for the sacrament. I go up to the table to get the water and as the cloth is lifted off the table this thought goes through my head, “I don’t remember putting water in the sacrament cups. Uh oh. But there has to be water. We definitely filled the cups up. I think…” So I just stand there staring as hard as I can at the cups. I don’t have a clear view, but I can’t see any water! Elder Smith says the blessing on the water and then reaches over to pick up the tray. I’m secretly praying, “Please, please, pllllleeaase, let there be water!” Then Elder Smith grabs the tray and we both see that it’s empty. Misi, the Hungarian who blessed the sacrament with Elder Smith, gets this big grin on his face as he tries to hold back from laughing! Elder Smith and I just look at each other for a second, then I whisper, “Ya, there’s no water. Um, I guess you should probably tell everyone.” Hahaha. So I go fill up the sacrament cups while Elder Smith announces our mistake to the congregation. And then of course a few members start laughing! What an embarrassing and funny experience! That’s the first time I have ever seen that happen in church!

We met a really cool family last week and we have high hopes for them. They live in a small town called Doboz (box). Haha. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet with them some more.

On Sunday we had two members from the ward in Buda—there is a ward in Buda and a ward in Pest, so two wards total in Budapest—come down here and teach Relief Society for us. It was awesome! It is so good to have solid members who know how things are supposed to work inspire the members here. We always try to help the members but sometimes it seems like they are too used to the missionaries. They need awesome Hungarians to inspire them. This experience with Relief Society was great!

Well I’m going to go now. Thanks for everything! See ya next week!

~Anderson elder