Monday, December 7, 2009

Going to Békéscsaba


Last week was pretty good! I don’t have much time to write about it though; my companion and I have a program to go to soon.

So first of all, Marika is doing even better! She is awesome and will be baptized on the 18th! I’m way excited. One of the best things about her situation is that she has two really good friends in the branch who will be taking good care of her and helping her to stay strong in the church. She loves the gospel and I am so grateful that I have been able to teach her. It is way cool to see someone’s life become better and happier because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Awesome.

Some other big news is that on Wednesday I am being transferred to Békéscsaba, which is in the southeastern side of the country. It’s not too far from Romania. I am excited to go, but I am going to miss the people here in Sopron.

My companion and I got to go to Austria last week! Well, we got to go through it. A member moved to a town about 30 minutes south of Sopron and the fastest way to get there from here is through Austria. I never got to step on Austrian soil, but it was still cool to drive through two small towns and see all the signs in German.

This morning we made Paprikás Csirke—pepper chicken. Made with sweet pepper, not the regular spicy kind, it’s way better than it sounds and is one of the tastiest Hungarian meals! Last Monday we visited a member who is a chef and he showed us how to make it. We haven’t actually eaten it yet, but it sure smells good!

Well, I have to go now. Thank you all for all of your awesomeness! See you next week!

~Anderson elder