Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boldog Karácsonyt


Boldog Karácsonyt!! (Merry Christmas!!) This past week was really interesting. It snowed a lot, which was really awesome. My companion and I had a ton of fun riding our bikes in the snow. Unfortunately, on Thursday he got sick with a really high fever. We had to stay in the apartment for like two to three straight days! I don’t even remember how long exactly—it was just long. The crazy thing was that I was stuck in this teeny apartment with a sick companion but I didn’t get sick! I did a lot of studying though, which was nice. But then last night almost all of the snow melted away, which is a bummer! We were so close to having a white Christmas!

Seeing all the snow has made me miss snowboarding, so I figured out how I can snowboard here! Well, kind of. Whenever we ride the bus, I stay standing and don’t hold onto anything and it almost feels like I’m snowboarding on the bus! So that’s pretty fun.

Zone Conference was really neat this transfer. For a Christmas present we got to watch the movie “Up” which was pretty good. And we sang lots of Christmas songs and of course had trainings about how to take advantage of the holiday season to preach the Gospel.

Well my mind is going blank so this week’s blog entry will be a short one, sorry! The Gospel is amazing and I am super glad that I am able to teach others about it and see them become happier people! And speaking of happy people, Marika from Sopron got baptized on December 20th! She is awesome, I’m grateful that I was able to teach her! Remember that Christmas is about Jesus Christ! He is our Savior and I know that if we try to follow His example we will be so blessed!

Boldog Karácsonyt!

~Anderson elder