Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Teaching with Members

Jó napot kívánok!

Hey everybody! This week was pretty good. Oh, I need to clarify some stuff I said last week. First, I have been on my mission, not in the country, for nearly six months. And when I said that nothing exciting happened, I totally lied! I forgot that last Tuesday was Zone Conference and we went to the ZOO! It was really fun. We had some cool trainings and talks and then we went to the zoo in Budapest and saw all the animals there. It was a ton of fun. I took a bunch of pictures so maybe later they might end up on the blog.

We had a few good programs with members this week. Teaching with members is the best. The language is coming slowly, but surely. They didn’t say that Hungarian is one of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn for nothing!

Yesterday we hung out with a few of the members a little bit. We went hiking in a pretty place outside of Komló that has a lot of little lakes. It was intense hearing so much Hungarian straight.

Oh! I forgot! Last week we totally got caught in a rainstorm! We didn’t think that it was going to rain so we didn’t take our umbrellas when we left the apartment. We were walking to a program and all of a sudden it just starts pouring like crazy and we got completely soaked. I took some videos. Haha. The thunder here is awesome. Whenever it rains there is a ton of thunder that you can sometimes actually feel.

Well I have to go now. Our bus leaves soon. Thanks for all the love and support!

~Anderson elder