Friday, January 14, 2011

A Crazy Week


Well this week has been pretty crazy and busy which is why I didn’t have time to write until today. One thing that is kind of frustrating for me right now is that people have started referring to my mission in the past tense! My mission wasn’t great! It IS great! I haven’t left yet! It is really weird to think that I only have a few short weeks left – so I try not to think about it.

Things in Pápa are doing really well. We started a branch family night that has really helped our investigators get to know the members and develop friendships with them. Such friendships are important because we missionaries eventually always leave, but the members don’t. The people we are teaching are doing well and getting more serious about studying the gospel! It is so neat to see them progress! I know that as they continue to come to church and read the scriptures they’ll gain a testimony and receive an answer from God that this really is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness and that with this gospel they can find true peace and happiness in their lives! This gospel has blessed my life in so many ways and it is so cool to see others progress and receive those same blessings!

~Anderson elder