Monday, December 6, 2010



Last week was awesome! It snowed a few inches and that was great! The snow made driving a little interesting and REALLY slow, but even that was okay.

My companion and I are trying to get more people into our English class program because it is really weak right now. We put an announcement in the newspaper and passed out almost 3,000 fliers, so hopefully more people will start attending soon.

On Saturday we had a “Mikulás” party in the branch house! Mikulás is Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas in Hungarian. Here in Hungary Mikulás comes on the night of December 5th and the kids get candy and stuff on the morning of the 6th. So you can all be jealous because I already got to see Santa!

Sitting on the lap of Mikulás during a party at the branch house.

Our investigators are doing well. Unfortunately, one of them lives in a small village about 25 kilometers away from Pápa. It is extremely difficult for him to get to church because the bus schedules are so incredibly terrible. But we’re just going to give him time while we try to figure out some possible solutions. It is kind of a frustrating situation.

Well, this week is sure to be fun! Pray for us and our investigators! I love you all!

~Anderson elder