Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Virtue of Kindness


I've only got 12 days till I leave for Hungary! I should get my flight plans tomorrow or Friday! So that is pretty exciting! It has kind of been an average week other than that. The Hungarian language is coming slowly but surely.

One exciting thing is that I finally got a hold of Terry again! (Terry is the woman I met through the Referral Center shortly after I came to the MTC. I've been teaching her by phone.) I don't know what the issues were the last few weeks, but she is still more than interested in the Gospel! Her husband is giving her a hard time though. I don't think that he's a bad guy or anything, but he sure isn't being as nice as he could be. So I invited her to be baptized and she agreed! I'm so excited for her! She has prayed a ton and knows for herself that what I have taught her is true. The Lord has blessed her life so much and I know that if she continues to follow His commandments that she will be blessed more and more. I went through all of the baptismal questions too and she agreed with everything! It is so crazy. I'm a terrible teacher, but the Lord has prepared her and she has worked hard to know for herself that the gospel is true. I haven't really done anything. It's just the Lord working miracles like usual! Unfortunately, the missionaries in her area STILL haven't contacted her. If they don't shape up within a few days I'm just going to have my teacher call the branch president in her area and have him go over to her house himself. And I'm going to try and teach her husband as well. I think that he might feel alienated or something and that is not good. I'm going to try and talk to him and help him come closer to Christ.

I've been focusing on trying to be more kind and loving and not judgmental this week. I read a really cool talk by Elder Joseph Wirthlin that he gave at a general conference called The Virtue of Kindness. At the end he said something pretty cool. He said something like: But what if someone is rude? Love them. What if they are obnoxious? Love them. But what if they are annoying or mean? Love them. He said something like that, but better. We need to learn how to love others no matter what weaknesses they may have because we are full of weaknesses too. As I have tried to become more kind and think nicer thoughts about people I've been much happier. Focusing on other people's strengths and not their weaknesses is what Jesus Christ did and is definitely the way to go.

I'm pretty sure now that one of the reasons the Lord put me in a 12 week (at the MTC) mission was to humble me a little before I go out and teach His children. I sure needed it! Haha.

Going on a mission is the best decision that I've made in my life so far. It seems like I'm sacrificing a lot of money and time, but it is so worth it. The experiences that are helping me change my character and become more Christ-like are worth all the time and money in the world. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm some super perfect person now. Haha. Because I am sooooo far from that. I'm just improving slowly and it is exciting for me.

Thank you for all of your love and support! I love you all very much! Next week I'll tell you all about my flight plans. That'll be exciting. For me at least!

Sok szerettel,
Anderson Elder